Linda Hoffmeyer

Linda Hoffmeyer
Copenhagen, Denmark
[email protected]


瑞典, 丹麦, 挪威, 芬兰, 格陵兰


A personal highlight is having interpreted for three French Presidents during their official visits to Denmark.

A few noteworthy projects

  • One of my most memorable projects was a large international conference on Human Rights, which had me juggling between several teams of interpreters working at the same time both in Copenhagen and on the other side of the sea, in Sweden. It was great fun boating back and forth between the countries and the venues, carrying documents for the interpreters in plastic bags, ensuring that everything went smoothly!
  • During the Danish EU Presidency in 2012, I provided interpretation services for 16 conferences held at the Danish Parliament. One was the COSAC meeting (Conference of Community and European Affairs Committees of the Parliaments of the EU), for which I recruited and managed a team of 62 interpreters, covering the 23 official languages.
  • Again during the EU Presidency, the European Diabetes Leadership Forum was held in Copenhagen. I was responsible for all interpretation services on behalf of the hosting company Novo Nordisk A/S, who had invited illustrious speakers from all over the world, including Mr. Kofi Annan as one of the keynote speakers.


“Linda Hoffmeyer has often solved assignments for us under extremely difficult conditions and at very short notice. One of the biggest challenges was several large meetings during the Danish EU-Presidency. But also under those circumstances did she prove her capacity of staying on top of complexity, of having a flair for people, and of being extremely pleasant to work with.”
Birgitte Wern, Danish Parliament

“Everything went really well. The interpreters provided excellent work and our cooperation was perfect. It was an ideal situation, which I would love to have for every CPRM General Assembly. I will keep my Calliope brochure and I will contact one of the members when in need of interpretation services.”
Marie-Agnès Charon, CRPM – Conférence des Régions Périphériques Maritimes

“Dear Linda Hoffmeyer, I would like to thank you for your excellent cooperation and highly professional interpretation work at our conference. Your team was one of the reasons for a very successful outcome. I hope to be able to retain your services again in the future”.
Kajsa Pettersson, DUPI- Danish Institute of Foreign Policy

Accreditations and memberships

  • European Union
  • Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • AIIC


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