Types of Interpretation

Calliope’s interpretation services cover all types of interpretation, be it simultaneous, consecutive, whispered or using a tour-guide system. While we work mostly on location, we can also provide services remotely, through video or webcasting.

Calliope offers high level simultaneous interpretation services


Simultaneous interpretation is preferred for many events as it is unobtrusive and speeches are interpreted into various languages in real time. Often incorrectly referred to as ‘simultaneous translation’, simultaneous interpretation requires preparation and trained experts.
Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is generally used for smaller, more intimate meetings and diplomatic visits. In this mode of interpretation, speakers deliver their speeches in complete passages or chunks before pausing for interpretation.
Claudia providing Whispered interpretation

Whispered interpretation

This is a form of simultaneous interpretation performed by an interpreter who whispers the interpretation in the ear of one or two individuals. Whispered interpretation only works in a minority of situations since the interpreter’s voice may disturb other participants and, depending on seating, the interpreter may be too far away to hear the speaker properly.
A remote interpretation or tour guide system headset

Tour-guide system interpretation

This form of interpretation makes use of a small tour-guide system in situations where delegates and interpreters need to be mobile. The system uses only a radio transmitter and headsets, making it light and easy to carry.
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