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Standardized interpretation booths

The importance of standardized booths for event interpreting success

 | Interpretation best practices, Research findings
Booth conditions are the main stress factor for interpreters during an event. That's why standardized booths are essential to a productive work environment.
Cómo contratar con éxito a un equipo profesional con idiomas exóticos o raros

Recruiting interpreters proficient in scarce or exotic languages

 | Interpretation best practices
How do you recruit a team of professional interpreters that speak exotic or scarce languages? Here's a glimpse into the Calliope approach.
Confesiones de un intérprete

Confessions of an interpreter

 | Interpreter insights
A passion for language, a love of communication and the thrill of becoming someone else’s voice: it's what makes us become interpreters.
Globish: la falsa promesa de una comunicación clara entre culturas

Globish: the false promise of clear communications across cultures

 | Global business issues
Globish: the false promise of clear communications across cultures