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Some 700 interpreters gather in Strasbourg for the European Parliament sessions.

Consider conference interpretation when choosing dates and location

 | Interpretation best practices
Organizing teams of interpreters for your event? Get tips from Calliope about planning for conference interpretation when choosing conference dates and location.
Gisele Abazon in consecutive interpretation with François Hollande and Shimon Peres

Simultaneous interpretation and diplomacy

 | Interpreter insights
Heads of state and government and their ministers often require diplomatic interpreters since languages play a crucial role in diplomatic relations.
¿Podemos hablar de traducción simultánea?

Does simultaneous translation exist?

 | Interpreter insights
Interpretation may be a form of spoken translation, but simultaneous translation is a contradiction in terms.
Interpretare per Thierry Mugler

Interpreting for Thierry Mugler

 | Customer stories
No two interpretation assignments are ever the same. Each a challenge, each potentially fascinating. When translating the language of perfume, for example.
El chocolate es cosa seria

Chocolate, a serious affair

 | Customer stories
The interpreters recruited by Calliope prepare well for each meeting. Some subjects are the stuff that dreams are made of, but that doesn’t mean they are easy. Take chocolate, for example.
¿No se fía de nadie?  El respeto de la confidencialidad y los intérpretes

Trust no one? Confidentiality and interpreters

 | Interpretation best practices
Confidentiality is critical. Information and documents you give to interpreters recruited via the global Calliope network will never fall into the wrong hands.