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Interpretation equipment with flags representing interpreted languages

Interpreter: an ‘innocuous’ profession?

 | Interpreter insights
As I read Vargas Llosa's latest book, The Bad Girl (La niña mala), I wondered if Robert Burns was right when he wrote: "O wad some Power the giftie gie us, To see oursel's as others see us!" [i]
Presidents of Parliament of the Small European States meeting in Andorra, 26 September 2014. Photo: Eduard Comellas.

Which languages, which type of interpretation?

 | Interpretation best practices
Select the languages you will need interpreted and understand the differences among the types of interpretation available.
Recording and webcasting conference interpreters

Rules for recording and webcasting conference interpreters

 | Interpretation best practices
Planning to record some or all of the conference sessions for webcasting or webstreaming? You will need prior authorization by interpreters.
Standardized booths, like this one at the 47th COSAC meetings in Copenhagen, can help conference interpreters optimize their performance

Ensure the event venue is interpretation friendly

 | Interpretation best practices
Looking for the best venue to ensure quality interpretation services for your event? Start by making sure the conference rooms meet your needs.
Conference meeting room

7 steps to getting the best conference interpretation solution for your event

 | Interpretation best practices
Planning a major corporate event or an international conference? Securing the best conference interpretation solution needs to be high on your To-Do list.
Some 700 interpreters gather in Strasbourg for the European Parliament sessions.

Consider conference interpretation when choosing dates and location

 | Interpretation best practices
Organizing teams of interpreters for your event? Get tips from Calliope about planning for conference interpretation when choosing conference dates and location.