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3 things you need to know about webcasting with interpretation - Calliope-Interpreters

3 things you need to know about webcasting with interpretation

 | Interpretation best practices
Webcasting with interpretation can be a very useful tool. Check out these top tips to make sure you get it right first time around.
Calliope member Christoph Renfer whispering to British author Ken Follett at Basel Book Fair.

Whispering: an alternative form of interpretation

 | Interpreter insights
Whispering is a simple, straightforward interpretation solution, suitable only for small meetings of short duration.
Each participant needs a headset to tune into the language of their choice.

Standardized booths for simultaneous interpretation

 | Interpretation best practices
This checklist helps you meet the equipment requirements for simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and other types of interpretation.

Handle last-minute changes to your event like a pro

 | Interpretation best practices
What if a speaker gets added to the program at the last minute or an interpreter falls ill? Anticipating potential issues can help you handle them smoothly.
Bons oradores falam devagar, fazem pausas com frequência, articulam bem as palavras e evitam usar jargão.

Tips for presenters addressing multilingual audiences

 | Interpretation best practices
Get valuable tips and resources to help conference speakers prepare themselves for addressing multilingual audiences.
Filoxenia conference centre 1

Maximize your conference interpretation budget

 | Interpretation best practices
Conference interpreters, equipment and related expenses can add up. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your investment.