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Argentina leads the way for interpreting standards in South America

 | Interpreter insights
Find out how Argentina is involved in developing interpreting standards, a key step to enhancing service quality.
Jacarandas blooming in Buenos Aires in November.

3 things you should know about simultaneous interpretation in South America

 | Interpretation best practices
Calliope member Verónica Pérez Guarnieri shares her insights on simultaneous interpretation in Spanish-speaking South America.
Interpreting with a bidule at a Tai Chi demonstration during the IOC World Conference on Sport for All in Lima, Peru.

Tour-guide interpretation systems : the pros and cons

 | Interpretation best practices
If you are thinking of using a portable interpretation system for a short meeting, or for an ‘on the move’ event such as a guided visit, read our advice first!
Picture of interpreters notes - Calliope-Interpreters

What’s inside a consecutive interpreter’s notebook

 | Interpretation best practices
How do consecutive interpreters remember everything they need to translate, when they have so little time to take notes? Read this blog to find out.
Africa map

3 things you should know about simultaneous interpretation in Africa

 | Interpretation best practices
With years of experience as an interpreter based in Accra, Ghana, Calliope member Victor Imboua-Niava shares insights on simultaneous interpretation in Africa.
Brisbane, Australia - Calliope-Interpreters

Beyond Sydney: conference-friendly Australia

 | Interpretation best practices
If you are planning a conference in Australia, remember Sydney is not your only option. Learn about the advantages of choosing one of the other main cities.