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Bidding to Provide Interpretation Services: The Calliope Advantage

 | Interpretation best practices, Interpreter insights
The Calliope advantage when bidding to provide interpretation services: the combined experience and expertise of a global network.

Portugal, Europe’s Next Technology Hub

 | Interpretation best practices
Laurence Corréard, Calliope’s representative for Portugal, invites you to rediscover Portugal, and explains how to enjoy a slice of its success.

Catalan, a Conference Language?

 | Global business issues
Now that Catalan has been standardised, the language is being used more often at international conferences.
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Minimizing the Carbon Footprint of Interpretation Solutions

 | Global business issues, Interpretation best practices
Calliope-Interpreters aims to minimize the carbon footprint of interpretation solutions, enhancing the green credentials of your event and saving you money.
Panama Bridge

Three things you should know about interpreting in Central America

 | Interpreter insights
Planning an event in Central America? Sharona Wolkowicz, our new representative in the Region, has a few tips for you.
Building the Calliope Network for the Future

Building the Calliope Network for the Future

 | Interpretation best practices
Strengthening our global coverage with two new dynamic members representing the United Kingdom and the Central American region.