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A desk with two stations for distance interpretation

Need Distance Interpretation? We are ready.

 | Global business issues
Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions. We have tested a number of potential simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms for your videoconferences.
People meeting around a table discussing conference interpreting standards

ISO conference interpreting standards take shape

 | Interpreter insights
Two international standards defining interpreting services have recently been published, and work is in full swing to achieve a third - a standard for conference interpreting.

Pioneering Accessible Simultaneous Interpretation

 | Interpretation best practices
The Israeli hosts of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest were determined to ensure that the event was accessible to everyone, so conference interpreters were deployed to deliver a simplified message, ensuring that persons with a cognitive disability could participate fully.

Your Consultant Interpreter: A Trusted Partner

 | Customer stories
Gender took centre stage at the Global Summit of Women in Basel, Switzerland, but it was once again the relationship of mutual trust and support between Calliope’s consultant interpreter and the Summit organisers that proved crucial to its success.
Maya sign-language interpreting at the European Commission

Considering providing sign language interpretation at your next conference?

 | Interpreter insights
Maya de Wit, Calliope’s expert consultant in sign language interpretation, shares insights and tips to help you provide the best possible sign language interpretation service at your conference.
A plantation forest

Calliope offsets CO2 for a greener future

 | Interpretation best practices
Inspired by the environmental conferences for which Calliope is proud to have provided interpretation services, the network has resolved to take its environmental responsibility even more seriously.