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Calliope offsets emissions with mangrove plantation support

Calliope plants mangroves as part of its sustainability commitment

 | Interpretation best practices, Interpreter insights
As a result of Covid, remote simultaneous interpreting was the order of the day in 2021, prompting Calliope once again to offset its growing digital carbon footprint.
Calliope’s members in the Americas

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation in the Americas

 | Interpreter insights
Stretching from Toronto all the way to Buenos Aires, the Americas region of Calliope is an innovative supplier of remote simultaneous interpreting solutions.
Victor Imboua-Niava

Victor Imboua-Niava: a treasured member of Calliope-Interpreters

 | Interpreter insights
On 25 August 2021, the Calliope family lost one of its cherished members, Victor Imboua-Niava.
Virtual event with interpretation

How to turn your face-to-face event into a virtual or hybrid event with interpretation

 | Interpretation best practices
Calliope explains which factors to take into account when adapting your face-to-face event to a virtual or hybrid format with interpretation, and how your consultant interpreter can help.
Calliope’s conference interpreters choose to plant trees to offset their digital carbon footprint

Calliope offsets its digital carbon footprint in 2020

 | Customer stories
The conference interpreters in Calliope’s global network are aware of their environmental and social responsibility, and are therefore offsetting their digital carbon footprint.
Come ridurre l’impatto ambientale digitale

Calliope’s interpreters seek to reduce their digital carbon footprint

 | Interpretation best practices
International travel has been replaced by videoconferences, but digital technologies consume energy and cause pollution too. How can we limit our digital carbon footprint?