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¿No se fía de nadie?  El respeto de la confidencialidad y los intérpretes

Trust no one? Confidentiality and interpreters

 | Interpretation best practices
Confidentiality is critical. Information and documents you give to interpreters recruited via the global Calliope network will never fall into the wrong hands.
Standardized interpretation booths

The importance of standardized booths for event interpreting success

 | Interpretation best practices, Research findings
Booth conditions are the main stress factor for interpreters during an event. That's why standardized booths are essential to a productive work environment.
Cómo contratar con éxito a un equipo profesional con idiomas exóticos o raros

Recruiting interpreters proficient in scarce or exotic languages

 | Interpretation best practices
How do you recruit a team of professional interpreters that speak exotic or scarce languages? Here's a glimpse into the Calliope approach.
Confesiones de un intérprete

Confessions of an interpreter

 | Interpreter insights
A passion for language, a love of communication and the thrill of becoming someone else’s voice: it's what makes us become interpreters.
Globish: la falsa promesa de una comunicación clara entre culturas

Globish: the false promise of clear communications across cultures

 | Global business issues
Globish: the false promise of clear communications across cultures