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Interpreting with a bidule at a Tai Chi demonstration during the IOC World Conference on Sport for All in Lima, Peru.

Tour-guide interpretation systems : the pros and cons

 | Interpretation best practices
If you are thinking of using a portable interpretation system for a short meeting, or for an ‘on the move’ event such as a guided visit, read our advice first!
Picture of interpreters notes - Calliope-Interpreters

What’s inside a consecutive interpreter’s notebook

 | Interpretation best practices
How do consecutive interpreters remember everything they need to translate, when they have so little time to take notes? Read this blog to find out.
Africa map

3 things you should know about simultaneous interpretation in Africa

 | Interpretation best practices
With years of experience as an interpreter based in Accra, Ghana, Calliope member Victor Imboua-Niava shares insights on simultaneous interpretation in Africa.
Brisbane, Australia - Calliope-Interpreters

Beyond Sydney: conference-friendly Australia

 | Interpretation best practices
If you are planning a conference in Australia, remember Sydney is not your only option. Learn about the advantages of choosing one of the other main cities.
3 things you need to know about webcasting with interpretation - Calliope-Interpreters

3 things you need to know about webcasting with interpretation

 | Interpretation best practices
Webcasting with interpretation can be a very useful tool. Check out these top tips to make sure you get it right first time around.
Calliope member Christoph Renfer whispering to British author Ken Follett at Basel Book Fair.

Whispering: an alternative form of interpretation

 | Interpreter insights
Whispering is a simple, straightforward interpretation solution, suitable only for small meetings of short duration.