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Building the Calliope Network for the Future

Building the Calliope Network for the Future

 | Interpretation best practices
Strengthening our global coverage with two new dynamic members representing the United Kingdom and the Central American region.
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New Interpreting Delivery Platforms: An opportunity or a threat?

 | Interpreter insights
Calliope-Interpreters’ view of the advantages and risks of using new Interpreting Delivery Platforms.
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An ordinary weekend in the life of a consultant interpreter

 | Interpreter insights
A glimpse into the life of a consultant interpreter who is asked to set up a team of interpreters at the last minute.
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Managing interpretation as a risk factor for your multilingual event

 | Interpretation best practices
Risk management is a key element of event management. Find out what makes interpretation an important risk factor, and how to minimize the risk effectively.
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Argentina leads the way for interpreting standards in South America

 | Interpreter insights
Find out how Argentina is involved in developing interpreting standards, a key step to enhancing service quality.
Jacarandas blooming in Buenos Aires in November.

3 things you should know about simultaneous interpretation in South America

 | Interpretation best practices
Calliope member Verónica Pérez Guarnieri shares her insights on simultaneous interpretation in Spanish-speaking South America.