Trust no one? Confidentiality and interpreters

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Security, confidentiality and secrecy are more important than ever in today’s information society. Modern technology carries information around the world in a split second. As a conference organizer you may wonder what happens to confidential information given to the interpreters.

You need not worry. Information and documents you give to interpreters recruited via the global Calliope network will never fall into the wrong hands. Here’s why:

All Calliope members are part of the International Association of Conference Interpreters AIIC and thus bound by the Association’s code of professional ethics. The AIIC Code of Honour specifically states that members are bound by the strictest secrecy when at work and that they shall refrain from deriving any personal gain whatsoever from confidential information they may acquire in the exercise of their duties as conference interpreters.

In addition, in most countries conference interpreters are bound by a duty of confidentiality enshrined in labour or contract law and non-compliance could lead to criminal proceedings. If you require further guarantees – perhaps because of company policy – you may of course ask the interpreters to sign an additional non disclosure agreement.

We cannot overstate the importance of thorough preparation to guarantee successful interpretation at your event. Interpreters depend on the information you provide ahead of the event to familiarize themselves with the subject and material in order to perform their best on the day. By committing to the strictest ethical standards and confidentiality, Calliope ensures that all of our clients feel comfortable trusting us with their documentation – no matter how sensitive it is.

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Christoph Renfer
Member of Calliope in Switzerland