Standardized booths for simultaneous interpretation

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Different types of equipment are required for different interpretation scenarios. Below is a checklist to help you meet the equipment requirements for simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and other types of interpretation.  

Simultaneous interpretation

  1. Standardized booths:

Booths are needed for simultaneous interpretation. Whether built-in or mobile versions, these booths must meet certain technical requirements.

ISO standards exist for built-in booths (ISO 2603) and mobile booths (ISO 4043). Refer to the following standards before installing built-in booths, and always demand booths that comply with these standards:

  • Number: one booth per active language
  • Size: a minimum width of 1.6 metres for mobile booths and 2.5 metres for built-in booths
  • Location: a maximum distance of 30 meters from the speakers or screen
  • Visibility: non-reflective glass on front and sides of the booth and a good view of speakers and projection screens
  • Sufficient light, air, sound: booths must be equipped with good lighting, ventilation, soundproofing
  • Equipment: one console, headset and lamp per interpreter

Standardized mobile booths like these are located within 30 meters of speakers or screens for simultaneous interpretation.

  1. Conference rooms:

Conference rooms must be equipped with suitable audio equipment compatible with your simultaneous interpretation materials. You will need the following:

  • Public address system (with loud speakers)*
  • Microphones for chair persons
  • Microphones for delegates
  • Tie-clip microphone (for speaker) and handheld microphone (for questions from the floor)
  • Headsets: each participant, including native speakers of the key conference language, must have a set of headphones. 

* We recommend sourcing the public address system and interpreting equipment from the same supplier to ensure the systems are compatible.

 Each participant needs a headset to tune into the language of their choice during simultaneous interpretation

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter is on the stage/podium and works without a booth. A sound system (microphone and loud speakers) may be useful in some cases.

Tour-guide system interpretation

When delegates and interpreters are on-the-go, such as for site visits, a radio transmitter and headsets are needed. This works well for some events, but cannot replace a standardized booth in a conference setting.

We have access to an extensive network of reliable equipment providers around the world and are happy to help you find one.

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