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Interpretation is a minor part of the overall budget of an event but an important one, since interpretation is crucial for communication. Interpreters, equipment and related expenses (travel, accommodation, etc.) can add up quickly. Check out these tips for keeping costs down and maximizing your investment in interpretation services. 

Filoxenia conference centre 1Use local conference interpreters

To keep travel and accommodation costs at a minimum, work with local conference interpreters. That’s easier said than done, especially if you need to find interpreters in foreign countries where you do not speak the language or have local contacts.

We have more than two decades of experience, industry knowledge and a thriving network of connections. Thanks to this extensive network, we are often able to recruit local interpreters. This means event planners can avoid airfare and lodging costs for interpreters.

If local interpreters are not suitable or available for the languages you need, try neighboring markets. We always search in close proximity to the event before extending our search to a larger geographic radius. This keeps transportation costs at a minimum. 

Start recruiting interpreters today

In step one of this series, choosing your conference dates and location, we mentioned the importance of starting the recruiting process early. Remember, some freelance interpreters are booked months ahead of large events. So don’t wait until the last minute, as there may be no available interpreters to cover your conference.

You may get lucky and be able to find interpreters for an event taking place next week. However, you may also have to face costly travel and accommodation, not to mention equipment fees. Instead, plan ahead for best rates and availability.    

Maximize your schedule 

An experienced consultant can help you make the most out of your interpreters during the event. He or she can optimize the schedule to make sure coverage is efficient. For example, there is a plenary two hours per day and then six break-out sessions in six different rooms. Provided break-out sessions and plenaries never coincide, the consultant can organize a rotation between the six teams to cover the plenary, saving you one entire team. Without the guidance of an experienced consultant, however, you might have ended up budgeting for 7 teams. Be sure to provide a detailed program in advance to your consultant.

Calliope-Interpreters are experienced consultants who can help you make the most of your event budget. Get started today. This is step five of our blog series 7 steps to getting the best conference interpretation solution for your event.

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