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In our profession, you never know where or what you will be interpreting next, hence the need for great flexibility.  And, adapting to each new situation is not just a matter of learning the specialised vocabulary.  You must acquire an understanding of the subject; often you will be the spokesperson for a brand.

Interpreting for Thierry Mugler - Hazel Cole with Jean Christophe HeraultA « little jewel of an assignment »

Whilst our bread and butter might come, as in my case, from sales and marketing, accounting and finance, every so often something quite different, a little jewel of an assignment, comes along.   That’s what happened when I was contacted by Clarins, the French luxury cosmetics company, last Spring.   The big event was the world launch of a new designer perfume collection, MUGLER les Exceptions, to which the specialized English-speaking press had been invited.

Thierry Mugler: From Grasse to Toronto 

The venue was the Thierry Mugler perfume counter in the flagship store of the Hudsons Bay Company in Toronto.   Jean Christophe Herault, perfume-maker and co-creator of Les Exceptions, was coming over from Grasse, a historic town in the south of France, known for its perfume industry, to introduce the new collection to a market where Thierry Mugler is already highly successful.   It was vital for the client to ensure that the presentation of the French-speaking perfumer was faithfully rendered in English.

Perfume: a whole new world!

You can imagine that I jumped at the opportunity, despite knowing relatively little about the perfume industry.   And this is where prior preparation comes in.   No longer was I dealing with balance sheets, budgets or accruals, now I was into “tapering structures”, “overdosed ingredients”, “soliflore fragrances” – the world of designer perfumes.   I had to learn about the different perfume families: floral, chypre, musk, oriental and fougère and their “surprise guest ingredients”.   Yes, a whole new world.   And, another novel aspect of the assignment – I was asked to wear black on the day of the event.

Another day, another success!

Monsieur Herault was charm personified and most anxious to see that his presentation be well received.   Thanks to his help and to the excellent cooperation I had previously received from Clarins, and judging from the reaction of the client and the journalists, I was able to contribute to the success of this event.   I even came home with a beautiful bottle of Mugler Supra Floral!

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