Chocolate, a serious affair

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Some subjects, such as chocolate, are the stuff that dreams are made of. But even here a good deal of prior preparation is a must. The interpreters assigned to such events need to acquire the specialized vocabulary and acquaint themselves with the subjects to be discussed.

ChocolateFor the second time, Calliope was contracted to supply the interpretation at Chocovision, a major conference on chocolate, organized in Davos, Switzerland in June 2014 by the professional event company, standing ovation.    This time, interpretation was provided in English, French and Spanish.

Here is what two of the interpreters recruited by Calliope Switzerland had to say:

“Thinking  back on my interpreting job at the Chocovision conference, there are two things which come to mind:  the chocolate industry is highly complex and cocoa is becoming a rare commodity.   How sad for a chocolate lover like me!”

“The classical chocolate bar is a complex affair.  The farmers and the manufacturers want a fair price for the cocoa, although they may not agree on what that is; the manufacturers want security of supply; governments are increasingly turning their attention to promoting a healthy diet.   All these different interests converge at Chocovision where the issues are candidly aired, in a magnificent mountain setting.  And, just in case you haven’t realised, chocolate is a seriously delicious affair.”

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Christoph Renfer
Calliope Member for Switzerland