Calliope plants mangroves as part of its sustainability commitment

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Inspired by a global conference on the environment, for which it organised the interpreting teams, this year Calliope has chosen to offset its carbon footprint by planting mangroves.

Calliope offset emissions by supporting mangrove plantations

The Covid-19 pandemic continued to cast a long shadow over 2021, and most of our conference interpreting work was done remotely, with very little travel.

Nevertheless, we are very conscious of the fact that the intensive use of ICT together with the transmission of large quantities of data have an impact on the environment. As in previous years, we have therefore decided to offset our carbon footprint.

From the outset, four years ago, we decided to contribute to planting trees in areas of the world where it could really make a difference: in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, in California after the devastating fires there, and in Uganda to stem the decline in the chimpanzees’ habitat. This year, we have chosen to plant mangroves in Davao Oriental Province, in the Philippines.

Why mangroves? Because during the World Conservation Congress of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which was held in Marseille in September 2021, and for which Calliope organised the interpreting teams, we learnt a great deal about the essential role played by mangroves in protecting coastal ecosystems.

This choice is therefore consistent with our environment policy and the recommendations of our client.

At Calliope we strive to provide environmentally responsible interpreting services. Contact us to discuss how we can help to reduce the environmental footprint of your event.

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