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Calliope-Interpreters, the only worldwide network of consultant interpreters, is strengthening its global coverage and looking to the future by welcoming two young, dynamic members. Louise Jarvis will represent the United Kingdom, and Sharona Wolkowicz will be covering the Central American region.  

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Calliope-Interpreters brings together AIIC-recognized professionals who are all highly experienced in conference service delivery. The network was created in 2000 with the prime objective of providing consistent high-quality interpretation solutions to its clients, wherever they are in the world. Clients turning to Calliope can expect a comprehensive service, expert advice on the most appropriate interpretation service for their event; recruitment, contracting and management of the team of conference interpreters, as well as the provision of interpretation equipment if required. Calliope provides convenient one-stop-shop solutions for small, medium, large and mega multilingual events.

As Calliope’s reputation has become established it has enjoyed significant success, and has carefully expanded its membership. Its strategy is to have one member in each geographical region, so that clients can benefit from valuable local knowledge. Recently, this success has prompted it to seek new members in the United Kingdom and Central America, taking its membership to 23, with the aim of preparing the network for the future.

Calliope’s members

All Calliope members are carefully selected through a rigorous recruitment process. Admission requires the unanimous approval of all existing members. Thus, all members are:

  • Recognized by AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters, which governs the conference interpretation profession and sets its code of ethics. AIIC membership is considered a mark of the highest quality and expertise in conference interpreting.
  • Accredited by international organizations, such as the European Commission, European Parliament, United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
  • Seasoned, practising conference interpreters, whose own experience makes them uniquely positioned to understand the organizational requirements of multilingual events.
  • Experts in organizing, managing and delivering comprehensive simultaneous interpretation and related language services for demanding international events.
  • Uncompromising in their commitment to delivering high-quality interpretation solutions.
  • Guided by a strong code of ethics and professional standards.
  • Committed to sustainable practices.

These characteristics enable Calliope to offer its clients a unique combination of

  • a uniform approach in terms of business philosophy, ethics and professional standards, and
  • an in-depth knowledge of their individual markets.

Thanks to their local knowledge, Calliope’s members can recruit the best local interpreters (when available), thus saving their clients the expense of bringing in professionals from elsewhere, and minimizing the carbon footprint of their event. In addition, clients can benefit from Calliope’s knowledge of local providers of other conference services.

Recent network expansion

Calliope-Interpreters is delighted to announce the recent addition of two new members, who will enhance its ability to deliver high-quality interpretation solutions for clients in the United Kingdom and Central America: Louise Jarvis and Sharona Wolkowicz.

Louise Jarvis lives in Oxford, UK and has over 20 years of experience as a conference interpreter, translator and trainer of student interpreters. A seasoned interpreter of the varied menu of meetings at the institutions of the European Union, she is also accredited to interpret at the International Court of Justice, which is the UN’s principal judicial organ. As a consultant interpreter, Louise’s organizational skills are in high demand in the UK, and assignments for household names, including the BBC, have taken her around Europe and beyond. Louise comments, “I am excited to have been selected to join the Calliope family as the member for the UK. I am passionate about enabling effective communication across language boundaries by offering a tailor-made service to my clients.”

Sharona Wolkowicz, from San José, Costa Rica, is Calliope’s new representative for Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. She has over 15 years of experience as a conference interpreter. Since 2008, Sharona has organized interpretation services for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, where interpreters grapple with highly technical subject matter in an emotionally charged environment. In addition, she has provided interpretation services for IMF and World Bank missions in Costa Rica. Sharona comments, “I see my membership in Calliope as a wonderful opportunity to interact with first-rate colleagues while striving to provide a service of the highest quality to my clients.

Calliope-Interpreters: your local global interpretation solutions provider

Calliope is expanding its global coverage by carefully adding to its network of local consultant interpreters, and strengthening it for the future. New members contribute their expertise, track records and service excellence, as well as valuable knowledge of their local markets, thus enriching the network. Calliope is proud that the two recent additions to its global network take its membership to 23 members, located on all continents, all working closely together in pursuit of a common objective and embracing shared values.

So wherever you are planning a multilingual event, be it in Argentina or Australia, Toronto or Timbuktu, San José or Sao Paolo, Lisbon or London, contact Calliope’s global local network, and enjoy peace of mind that you will receive an interpretation service of the highest quality.

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