7 steps to getting the best conference interpretation solution for your event

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Planning a major corporate event or an international conference? You already have a long list of logistical and technical aspects to consider, like venues, meals, travel, and equipment. Securing the best conference interpretation solution also needs to be high on your To-Do list.

We’re seasoned pros at organizing and delivering conference interpretation solutions from A to Z, so whether you are new to events planning or are an experienced conference planner, this blog series is for you.

Over the next few months, we’ll give you guidelines on the various steps involved in successfully organizing and delivering conference interpretation for your event. We’ll help you do the following:  

  1. Choose your conference dates and location. You will want to avoid clashes with other major events such as G20, Olympics, not to mention major holiday periods or bank holidays in the city where your event will take place.
  2. Select the appropriate venue. Do the conference rooms have built-in interpreting booths? Are they well located? Do they meet standards?
  3. Rules for recording and webcasting conference interpreters. Will you be recording some or all of the sessions for broadcast on the internet?
  4. Determine type of interpretation and languages needed. Do you need simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, or any other type of interpretation?
  5. Maximize your budget. Interpreters, equipment and related expenses (travel, accommodation, etc.) can add up, but we’ll provide a few tips for getting the most out of your investment.
  6. Help presenters address multilingual audiences. Get a head start by sharing our handy Tips for Speakers brochure and the popular Smart Speaking video.
  7. Handle last-minute changes. What if a new speaker gets added to the programme at the last minute? Does this require additional interpretation services? Anticipating potential issues can ensure you can handle them if they do arise.  

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