3 things you need to know about webcasting with interpretation

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Webcasting with interpretation is especially suited for one-way communication to many viewers, such as during a quarterly analyst call. Typically fast-paced, packed with factual information and of short duration, these events present special challenges both for the event organizers and interpreters. Only careful preparation will ensure optimal results.

To take full advantage of new communication technologies like webcasting with interpretation, here are three things you need to know.

  1. It is crucial to select a webcasting provider who has experience serving events with simultaneous interpretation. We recommend using local providers with studio facilities where the interpreters can work in optimal conditions if they cannot work on-site.
  2. For a multi-site event, organization is key.
  • Use one company for all related services.
  • As meetings are generally limited to one hour, organizers need to create a tightly-scripted agenda to be shared with speakers and interpreters well ahead of the event. Interpreters must be provided with all relevant documentation before the event. This is all the more indispensable if the interpreters are working from a remote location.
  • Webcast events often involve multiple feeds. It is important that the interpreters receive the actual sound broadcast over the original language channel. Technicians must test all feeds well in advance of the event to work out any issues before the event begins.  
  1. Your webcast is a live recording of simultaneous interpreting. It is not intended to be a literal or definitive translation of the proceedings. Further, webcasting of simultaneous interpretation may be subject to copyright. This requires the interpreters' prior consent and can involve additional payment.

For more information and for a referral to a qualified technical company, contact your Calliope-Interpreters Consultant. We have the necessary experience to help you find the right solution.

A qualified technical company can set up the equipment needed to manage the live interpretation of your webcasts.

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