Interpretation Project Management for Events

Calliope Interpreters provide Interpretation Project Management for high profile events

Enjoy peace of mind by entrusting the project management of your interpretation service to Calliope-Interpreters. We are all practising conference interpreters with wide-ranging collective experience of interpretation in a plethora of different settings and formats, all over the world, and are ideally placed to take care of all aspects of the interpretation service. We understand that interpretation quality is an essential component of any multilingual event and, as organisers of one-stop-shop interpretation services, we have intimate knowledge of how to plan, manage and oversee the interpretation solutions vital to your event’s success.

Interpretation project management through Calliope-Interpreters

Calliope-Interpreters is the only global network of consultant interpreters endorsed by AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters. 

Before the event your Calliope consultant interpreter will:

  • Help you to finalise your requirements
  • Put together the team of interpreters by:
    • selecting them according to proximity, languages, specialisation, and availability
    • giving them a provisional booking (option) and subsequently offering them a firm contract
    • arranging their travel and accommodation, if required
    • recruiting teams that achieve the best value for your money as the programme evolves (languages, schedules, rooms)
  • Submit a quotation and adapt it if the need arises
  • Arrange interpreting equipment, if required
  • Collect and forward all documents to the interpreters (via our secure system) and ensure that they are treated as confidential.

During the event your consultant interpreter will:

  • Provide personal on-site coordination or appoint a team leader
  • Help you steer clear of difficulties and sort out any problems that occur (an interpreter falls sick, a language is added, the rooms change etc...)

After the event your consultant interpreter will:

  • Arrange all invoicing
  • Conduct a debriefing with you about the conference.

Your consultant interpreter

  • has an insider's knowledge of interpreting
  • is a conference interpreter
  • is fully acquainted with the challenges involved in a multilingual event
  • will only recruit experienced and reliable professional conference interpreters.

Examples from our portfolio

We have provided Interpretation Project Management at the World Conservation Congress (3 times)

IUCN World Conservation Congresses

For each of the IUCN World Conservation Congresses in Barcelona 2008, Jeju 2012 and Hawaii 2016, Calliope member Danielle GREE selected between 36 and 50 interpreters on different continents, supervised their travel and accommodation arrangements, programmed interpreters’ assignments, handled invoicing and payments, and conducted a thorough debriefing with the client.

Bertold Schmitt provides whispered Interpretation for the French Finance Minister at the G20

G20 Leaders’ Summit in Australia

The Summit required simultaneous interpretation in 15 languages for all plenary sessions, as well as consecutive or whispered interpretation for a number of leaders' bilateral meetings and press conferences. With tight lead times, the coordinators, led by local Calliope member and Chief Interpreter Bertold Schmitt, fielded a team of 53 highly experienced conference interpreters from 17 countries.


World LPG Forum

Since 2007 our members have built and managed highly qualified teams of simultaneous interpreters for no fewer than 10 editions of this large international event, often held in conjunction with the AEGPL Congress. Calliope’s members pool their knowledge of past World LPG Forums to facilitate smooth event preparations and operations in new destinations.

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