Executive Interpretation

Gisele Abazon providing executive interpretation for Charles Aznavour

Executive interpretation

Executive interpreting is the term used when a highly qualified interpreter is assigned to shadow a political or business leader during a visit. The interpreter remains by his or her client’s side at all times, providing interpretation for all the events held during the visit: official meetings, speeches, interviews, banquets and private conversations. The interpreter may be working in consecutive, taking notes and rendering the speech in the other language once the speaker has finished, in whispered interpretation or in a combination of both.

Executive interpretation ensures that leaders and VIPs have access to high-quality interpretation at all times, and during both formal and informal meetings and events. Unlike community interpreters, who work in national courts, hospitals or police stations, executive interpretation is performed by conference interpreters, who have the necessary qualifications and expertise to ensure that this high-level communication flows smoothly.

Calliope can:

  • discuss with you how a highly qualified conference interpreter can enhance communication during a visit
  • select the best qualified interpreter for the assignment, depending on the languages, specialist knowledge and interpersonal skills required
  • organise the logistics (transportation, accommodation, accreditation, documentation) for the interpreter once assigned

Examples from our portfolio

Calliope members and the teams they recruit regularly provide executive interpretation for government leaders and ministers, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, VVIPs, public figures and celebrities.

Christoph provides executive interpretation for Ken Follett

Basel Book Fair

When best-selling author Ken Follett visited the Basel Book Fair in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, he needed an interpreter by his side to help him communicate. Calliope’s representative for Switzerland, Christoph Renfer, had the pleasure of supporting Mr Follett throughout the Book Fair: at his publisher’s stand, and during autograph signings, media interviews and public appearances. When German was spoken Christoph whispered the English translation to Mr Follett, and when the author spoke in English Christoph interpreted his words into German for the public, using the consecutive mode of interpretation.


Royal Welsh Show

The logo for the Royal Welsh Show where executive interpretation was providedWhen a Spanish member of the European Economic and Social Committee visited the Royal Welsh Show near Cardiff, UK, he required executive interpretation. Louise Jarvis, Calliope’s representative for the UK, recruited two professional conference interpreters, who took it in turns to provide whispered and consecutive interpretation between English and Spanish of presentations and conversations on the rural economy. The visit was preceded by a meeting in the Welsh Assembly, which required simultaneous interpretation in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Welsh) and for which Louise supplied a team of locally based conference interpreters with experience of European Union affairs.

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