Nos clients

Calliope travaille avec des centaines de clients différents, dans tous les secteurs et dans le monde entier. En voici quelques-uns :

COOB' 92

  • Barcelona Olympic Games, 1992, Barcelona

Cyprus Government

  • Cypriot EU Presidency, 2nd Semester 2012, Cyprus

Danish Parliament and EU

  • Danish EU Presidency, 1st Semester 2012, Denmark


  • G20 High-level Seminar on the International Monetary System, 2011, Nanjing

Greek Parliament and EU

  • Greek EU Presidency, 1st Semester 2014, Greece

International Union of Architects

  • UIA Congress and General Assembly, since 1996, Barcelona (1996), Beijing (1999), Istanbul (2005) and Tokyo (2011)

Irish Government

  • Irish EU Presidency, 1st Semester 2013, Ireland

IUCN International Union for Conseration of Nature

  • IUCN World Conservation Congress, 2012, Jeju, Korea, 2008, Barcelona


  • Annual Congress, 2005, Berlin

MICHELIN Amérique du Sud

  • Challenge Bibendum Rio de Janeiro, 2010, Rio de Janeiro

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal and EU

  • 2007 Portuguese EU presidency, 2nd Semester 2007, Portugal

Singapore Youth Olympics

  • Singapore Youth Olympic Games, 2010, Singapore

Town of Montreal

  • GSEF Global Social Economy Forum, 2016, Montreal, Canada

Universal Forum of Cultures 2004

  • Universal Forum of Cultures, 2004, Barcelona