Los clientes de Calliope

Calliope ha trabajado con centenares de clientes de todo tipo, en todos los sectores industriales, y en todo el mundo. Aquí podrán ver una selección de dichos clientes.


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Irish Government

  • Irish EU Presidency, 1st Semester 2013, Ireland

Itamaraty - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brazil

  • Official Meetings, 2014, Rio de Janeiro


  • South American Business Forum, 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina

IUCN International Union for Conseration of Nature

  • IUCN World Conservation Congress, 2012, Jeju, Korea, 2008, Barcelona


  • Dealer Meetings, since 2003, Montreal, Quebec City

MCI Dublin

  • European Handball Federation Congress, 2014, Dublin

MCI Group Canada Inc.

  • AIPPI, World Intellectual Property Congress, 2014, Toronto


  • Annual Congress, 2005, Berlin

MICHELIN Amérique du Sud

  • Challenge Bibendum Rio de Janeiro, 2010, Rio de Janeiro


  • National market access meetings, 2013, Beijing, Shanghai

Ministry of Education of Andorra

  • Ibero-American Summit of Ministers of Education, 2016, Andorra la Vella, Andorra

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal and EU

  • 2007 Portuguese EU presidency, 2nd Semester 2007, Portugal

National Security Commission of Mexico

  • Permanent Seminar on Internal Affairs, 2014, Mexico

Novo Nordisk A/S

  • Sales meeting, 2013, Lisbon
  • Premix Summit Africa, 2016, Nairobi, Kenya

NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • FRANZ Disaster Relief Cooperation Agreement, 2011 - 2013, Wellington, Canberra


  • Joint Conferences OECD-Portugal on PISA, 2011, Lisbon


  • OSCE Parliamentary Assembly 5th Economic Conference, 2007, Andorra

OSCE/ Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights(ODIHR)

  • Meeting of OSCE Monitoring Teams with Government and NGO Interlocutors, 2013, Athens


  • Pharmaceutical Research Conferences and National Market Access Meetings, since 2006, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Rome and Beijing, Shanghai 2013


  • Technical Workshops on Maritime Security, 2013, 2012, 2011, Belgium, France, Portugal