Our clients

Calliope has worked with hundreds of clients of all types, across all industries, and around the world. Here is just a selection of them. 

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University of Cyprus

  • Annual Leventis Lecture: Noam Chomsky (2004), regular client, Nicosia

WattNet West African Think Tank

  • 1st AGA, 2016, Accra, Ghana

Weizmann Institute for Sciences

  • Visits, 2016, Rehovot
  • 72nd International board, 2020, Via ZOOM and Pre-recorded Videoconferences on Premises

World LP Gas Association

  • WLPG Forum, since 2002, UK 2013, Belgium 2012, UAE 2011, Spain 2010, Brazil 2009, South Korea 2008, South Africa 2007, 2014 and 2016 Italy, 2015 Germany, 2017 Portugal and Morocco

Yale Law School

  • US-China Legal Conferences, regular client, Shanghai, Hangzhou

Zerbini Foundation

  • Brazilian Conference of Lung Transplantation 2018, São Paulo, Brasil