The World LP Gas Association

Calliope is the trusted interpretation partner for the World LP Gas Association’s (WLPGA) World LPG Forum, which brings together actors of the liquefied gas industry. 

Buccharest, 2011 (Alexandra + Laurence + ClaudiaSince 2007 our members have built and managed highly qualified teams of simultaneous interpreters for no less than ten editions of this large international event, often held in conjunction with the AEGPL Congress. Calliope’s global reach ensures that no matter where the World LPG Forum takes place, it benefits from the same excellent interpretation services that we deliver to prestigious organizations like the United Nations and its specialized agencies. Various members have accompanied the WLPGA in Cape Town, South Africa; Seoul, South Korea; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Madrid, Spain; Dubai, UAE; Denpasar, Indonesia; and London, UK.

Calliope’s members rely on past World LPG Forum experience to share knowledge that facilitates smooth event preparations and operations in new destinations. WLPGA and MCI, its trusted PCO, know that every member of the Calliope interpretation team arrives thoroughly prepared to tackle industry-specific topics and technical vocabulary – a critical element for accurate and engaging interpretation. Calliope is proud to contribute to making the World LPG Forum a productive event for LP Gas industry stakeholders, no matter where they meet.

"The 20th World LP Gas Forum is now over. It has been a pleasure working with you during the months leading up to the meeting. You and your team definitely contributed to the success of the conference! Once again, let me say a big thanks and express my satisfaction with the interpretation team fielded by Calliope-Interpreters!" 
Bruna BERTOLINI – MCI Senior Project Coordinator LPG




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