Calliope interpretation services

Calliope delivers turnkey simultaneous interpretation solutions and related services for all types of meetings and events, large and small.

Our services encompass everything from pre-event planning and consulting to the organization and delivery of one-stop conference interpretation services with teams of highly qualified interpreters. Our members can also ensure that you have the right equipment for your event and venue.

We understand that interpretation quality is an essential component of any multilingual event. As senior professional interpreters and organizers of one-stop interpretation services, we have intimate knowledge of how to plan, manage and operate the interpretation solutions vital to your event’s success.

Calliope Interpreters offer Project Management and Consulting for Interpretation Projects

Interpretation service consulting and project management

Events take planning, and so do interpretation services. We will help define the interpretation needs and requirements of your projects, no matter their scale, in order to deliver a custom solution with the best possible value.
Types of interpretation services

Types of interpretation services

Calliope provides several types of interpretation, including simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation. While we mostly work on location, we can provide services remotely, through video or webcasting.

Interpretation equipment

Poor sound quality has a negative impact on interpreting as it affects both the interpreters and the audience. Calliope identifies equipment solutions to meet the technical requirements of any type of event and venue.