Our commitments

Calliope members are guided by a strong code of ethics as well as by a commitment to sustainable practices.

Each of our members is committed to:

  • Gaining a 360° understanding of clients' needs

  • Advising on best practices for optimal communication

  • Providing a highly effective one-stop service

  • Upholding Calliope’s high professional and quality standards

  • Delivering interpretation services seamlessly

The interpreters assigned to client events are:

  • Experienced professionals with proven track records

  • Thoroughly prepared prior to each meeting

  • Chosen for linguistic match (working into their mother tongues)

  • Bound by strict professional secrecy

  • Selected and managed centrally by Calliope members

Meanwhile, as part of our commitment to sustainability we try to source locally in order to support local economies and to reduce our carbon footprint. Actions to reduce our carbon footprint include taking public transportation, limiting the use of paper products and using digital communications as much as possible.

Calliope also contributes to the preservation of cultural diversity by helping individuals from different cultures communicate and work together effectively.