Heloisa Martins-Costa

Heloisa Martins-Costa - Interpretation Services Consultant
Heloisa Martins-Costa
Interpretation Services Consultant
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Contact information:
Cell phone: 
+55 21 98167 8153

Responsible for:

Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname


"For more than 20 years now, I have provided and managed teams of interpreters for meetings and conferences in many diverse fields in Brazil and abroad.

I have served as a chief interpreter for many large events, such as the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2010, a major annual sustainable mobility event, sponsored by the French tire company Michelin. For its tenth anniversary, the Challenge Bibendum travelled to South America for the first time. A large number of buses, trucks, cars, and both motorized and non-motorized two-wheelers came to Rio, and one of the highlights was a visit from Brazilian President Lula.   There were more than 500 journalists and 120 press vehicles. I led a team of 58 interpreters in seven languages (Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Russian) during the 10 round-tables organized to cover subjects such as sustainability, road safety, and mobility.

Another large event for which I recently served as chief interpreter was the 22nd LP Gas Forum in 2009, the annual global event for the LP Gas industry. This unique event travels the globe annually attracting key international agencies, policy makers, media and the highest level of industry leaders to explore the LP Gas business, discuss its growth potential and to forge new business relationships. To enable communication in an event such as the LP Gas Forum, I put together a large team of interpreters working with Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Japanese.

As an interpreter, I work regularly for the national Ministry of Foreign Affairs, interpreting for official visits and diplomatic meetings. Highlights have included interpreting for the first visits to Brazil of French Presidents François Mitterrand and Nicolas Sarkozy.

I have also served as a conference interpreter for high-profile international events, such as the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) - Rio+20. Hosted by Brazil in Rio de Janeiro from 13 to 22 June 2012, this third international conference on sustainable development aimed at reconciling the economic and environmental goals of the global community.

During this conference, I organized parallel meetings for the Japanese government and for the New Caledonian government. This posed a challenge due to the fact that most interpreters were already working for the main conference. Nonetheless, I succeeded in putting together a team of interpreters working with English and Portuguese for the Japanese government and French, English and Portuguese for the New-Caledonian government.

In 2014 besides working as an interpreter for FIFA,  thereby ending on a high note with all of the work that had started seven years ago, I also organized for ADIDAS a series of 10 meetings with their international marketing representatives from all over the world. For this event, I organized a team working in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese."

A few noteworthy projects

  • Interpretation Service Provider and Chief Interpreter - Press Conferences -Responsibility Matrix for the 2016 Olympic Games  - 2014.
  • Interpretation Service Provider and Chief Interpreter - ADIDAS Marketing meetings during the FIFA World Cup 2014.
  • Interpretation Service Provider – Meetings for Alexion Pharmaceuticals – in Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay - 2011.
  • Interpretation Service Provider and Chief Interpreter - International Permanent Secretariat – Human Rights and Local Governments – World Urban Forum 2010.
  • Interpretation Service Provider and Chief Interpreter - Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2010.


"Heloisa Martins-Costa through her company Martins-Costa Produções has been very competent in organizing our conferences in Brazil, with many languages, such as Portuguese, French, English, Russian, Japanese and Chinese."
Milly Salem – MICHELIN

Accreditations and memberships

  • AIIC
  • Foreign Ministry of Brazil
  • US Consulate, Rio de Janeiro


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