Accreditations and credentials

Calliope and all of our members are proud to be recognized by the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) that governs the conference interpretation profession and sets its code of ethics

We actively contribute to thought leadership at AIIC and support the development of conference interpreting standards. Calliope is the only worldwide group of interpretation service providers endorsed by AIIC.

Founded in 1953, AIIC has over 3000 members in 100 different countries. Admittance of new members is decided following a strict peer review process to confirm each candidate’s language mastery, technical competence and professional track record. AIIC membership is considered a mark of the highest quality and expertise in conference interpreting.

The association is officially recognized by all major institutions worldwide, including the United Nations, the European Commission and Parliament, the European Court of Justice, NATO, and the Council of Europe. Calliope members have individual accreditations from these organizations as well.

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