Calliope Interpreters are a global interpreting services group, comprised of expert conference interpreters who are all accredited with the United Nations and/or European Union. We deliver simultaneous interpretation solutions to the highest quality standards – anytime, everywhere on the planet. In 2021 we also provided remote interpreting services for over 2,000 videoconferences and hybrid events. 

Each year on average
2 400
Conferences, events and meetings

Major projects

2021 IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille

In-person, virtual and hybrid: the IUCN Congress in Marseille

The IUCN World Conservation Congress was one of the first major multilingual conferences to be held in France since the pandemic. A combination of on-site, virtual and hybrid sessions caused some headaches, but ultimately it was a real feat of organisation, especially given the tight timeline.
A full house at the IUCN General Assembly

Calliope and Sustainability – Contributing to a Green Congress

Sustainability was a key focus at every step of the preparation process for the Calliope interpreters working at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawai’i.
53 highly experienced conference interpreters from 17 countries - Calliope-Interpreters

Conference interpreting for the G20 Summit in Australia

Calliope Interpreters was on hand at the G20 Summit in Australia to organize and provide conference interpretation services.

News & articles

What is a hybrid meeting with interpretation?

Hybrid events are de rigueur, but how does interpretation fit in?

 | Global business issues
In the post-pandemic world, hybrid events are de rigueur, but what does that mean for multilingual meetings with interpretation?
Calliope offsets emissions with mangrove plantation support

Calliope plants mangroves as part of its sustainability commitment

 | Interpretation best practices, Interpreter insights
As a result of Covid, remote simultaneous interpreting was the order of the day in 2021, prompting Calliope once again to offset its growing digital carbon footprint.
Calliope’s members in the Americas

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation in the Americas

 | Interpreter insights
Stretching from Toronto all the way to Buenos Aires, the Americas region of Calliope is an innovative supplier of remote simultaneous interpreting solutions.

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Corporate events, product launches, shareholders’ meetings, board meetings, press conferences, financial communications, roadshows...

Visits of leaders and ministers, summits, trade missions, diplomatic talks, bilateral and plurilateral meetings, treaty negotiations...

Olympic Games, Universal Forum of Cultures, EU Presidencies (Irish 2004; Portuguese 2007; Danish 2012; Greek 2014)...

International congresses, annual general meetings, industry roundtables, medical conferences, technical workshops, big pharma symposia...

Industry conferences, sporting and cultural events, car shows, press conferences, grand openings, special events, festivals and exhibitions...

International summits, ministerial meetings, high-level events, conference of the parties (COP), regional forums, EU projects...

One of the main objectives of the 4th edition of “Building the Future” was to make it more inclusive and accessible. To achieve this, the organisers of the event, which is the most important in Portugal devoted to the digital transformation,...

Inês Barbosa - imatch - innovation Collective

It has been a pleasure to work with Patrick Delhaye, of Calliope Interpreters, for the 3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable, and with a team that has been so organized, aware, and capable in all aspects of preparing and delivering these sessions. Having a...

Hermes Huang, Managing Partner, InsightPact

Over the last two complicated years, we have had to radically change the way we organise our scientific and assembly meetings. Calliope-Interpreters and Claudia Ricci have proved indispensable in making this possible. We had already worked with...

Marco Sessa, Presidente of AISAC - Association for the Information and Study of Achondroplasia

Working on this ambitious project with Verónica Pérez Guarnieri, from Calliope-Interpreters, was an incredible experience. The World Live Neurosurgery Conference was held in a hybrid format from 20 to 22 October 2021: neurosurgeons in Buenos...

Gonzalo Mosqueda - Director/Partner at Madison Marketing LLC

We are very thankful for the work that you did during these three days. It was our first experience with remote interpretation and we had very good feedback. You did a great job!  Laurence, it’s been a great pleasure working with you on this...

Rocio CERVERA, Deputy Executive Director, North-South Centre of the Council of Europe