Calliope Interpreters are a global interpreting services group, comprised of expert conference interpreters who are all accredited with the United Nations and/or European Union. We deliver simultaneous interpretation solutions to the highest quality standards – anytime, everywhere on the planet. In 2020 we also provided remote interpreting services for some 1,500 videoconferences and hybrid events. 

Each year on average
1 800
Conferences, events and meetings

Major projects

A full house at the IUCN General Assembly

Calliope and Sustainability – Contributing to a Green Congress

Sustainability was a key focus at every step of the preparation process for the Calliope interpreters working at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawai’i.
53 highly experienced conference interpreters from 17 countries - Calliope-Interpreters

Conference interpreting for the G20 Summit in Australia

Calliope Interpreters was on hand at the G20 Summit in Australia to organize and provide conference interpretation services.
The Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games

In August 2010 Singapore hosted the first Youth Olympic Games. Some 3600 teen athletes and 204 National Olympic Committees came together for these sporting events.

News & articles

Calliope’s conference interpreters choose to plant trees to offset their digital carbon footprint

Calliope offsets its digital carbon footprint in 2020

 | Customer stories
The conference interpreters in Calliope’s global network are aware of their environmental and social responsibility, and are therefore offsetting their digital carbon footprint.
Come ridurre l’impatto ambientale digitale

Calliope’s interpreters seek to reduce their digital carbon footprint

 | Interpretation best practices
International travel has been replaced by videoconferences, but digital technologies consume energy and cause pollution too. How can we limit our digital carbon footprint?
Participants in the Award Celebration with remote simultaneous interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting empowering secluded indigenous communities

 | Interpretation best practices
Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) often gets a bad press, but it proved key to enabling indigenous women leaders to engage in an international and multilingual discussion. 

Calliope works with

Corporate events, product launches, shareholders’ meetings, board meetings, press conferences, financial communications, roadshows...

Visits of leaders and ministers, summits, trade missions, diplomatic talks, bilateral and plurilateral meetings, treaty negotiations...

Olympic Games, Universal Forum of Cultures, EU Presidencies (Irish 2004; Portuguese 2007; Danish 2012; Greek 2014)...

International congresses, annual general meetings, industry roundtables, medical conferences, technical workshops, big pharma symposia...

Industry conferences, sporting and cultural events, car shows, press conferences, grand openings, special events, festivals and exhibitions...

International summits, ministerial meetings, high-level events, conference of the parties (COP), regional forums, EU projects...

We are very thankful for the work that you did during these three days. It was our first experience with remote interpretation and we had very good feedback. You did a great job!  Laurence, it’s been a great pleasure working with you on this...

Rocio CERVERA, Deputy Executive Director, North-South Centre of the Council of Europe

We had the pleasure to collaborate with Maya de Wit on the 3rd Swiss Conference on Barrier-free Communication in spring 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this conference transitioned from an in-person to a virtual event within a very short...

Luisa Carrer and Alexa Lintner, Conference Co-Organisers, ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

For our webinar on Wednesday 4 November, thanks to a fantastic team from Calliope-Interpreters, we were able to offer simultaneous interpretation to our members and other webinar participants. The professional service provided by Claudia Ricci and...

Patricia Gil Pérez-Ullivarri Manager of Círculo Fortuny, on the occasion of the first FortunyTalk "The journey to sustainability in the cultural and creative industries”

Let me thank you and your interpreters for your excellent work during the Net2phone 2021 Global Kick-off Meeting. It was the first time we had held such a big event virtually with nine different breakout sessions, which made us very nervous. The...

Luciana Ruiz, Net2phone HR Manager Latin America

I wanted to thank you and your interpreters for your exceptionally good work during our Expert workshop from 16 to 18 October 2019 in Cyprus. Participants and ICRC colleagues gave us very positive feedback on your interpreters. They made a...

Paul-Henri Arni